So You’re Moving to the Singles Ward

by | Jun. 03, 2015

Mormon Life

Silence. Oh, so much silence. It’s awkward and puzzling. Why is it so quiet in this sacrament meeting? Then it hits you: no babies. Toto, we aren’t in the home ward anymore.

Many of you young LDS 18-year-olds feel a little apprehensive about leaving the cushy pews of your beloved home ward and embarking into the unknown world of young single adult wards. With the 2014-2015 school year drawing to a close, there are many of you in the church who will soon have to face this step. Here are five tips to make the transition smoother.

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Fear not the marriage counsel, oh be ye not dismayed.

News Flash: Singles wards are designed to get young adults married. It’s kind of the whole point. You may have met some young singles who are annoyed by the constant counsel from the pulpit about the importance of marriage and starting a family, and let’s be honest: dating can be rough, and the constant reminder of your singleness can be a little hard to swallow. But be ye not dismayed! The reason being single feels so wrong is because it is wrong. God never intended for us to be alone and wants to provide us with the optimal opportunity to meet people with similar interests and values so we can each create our own eternal families. Remember, timing is everything. If you don’t feel like you are ready to be married, the answer isn’t avoiding YSA activities. The answer is simply: don’t get married. You have full control of your marital status, so don’t be afraid to date lots and lots of fun, interesting people. If one of them just so happens to be the cheese to your macaroni, go with it and live happily ever after.

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