The 12 Stages of Opening Your Mission Call

by | Sep. 07, 2018


The day you open your mission call is one you'll never forget. Whether you read it privately or surrounded by family and friends, you can probably relate to most of these stages of opening a mission call.

1. While waiting for your mission call, you experience dramatic mood swings before and after you check your email.

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2. When the email containing your mission call does arrive, you can't contain your excitement.

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3. You gather your family to read the email, but then you keep having to wait for everyone to show up.

4. While you wait, everyone asks if you're nervous and you try to play it cool.

5. You catch a glimpse of your little sister's face and how excited she is to take over your room once you're gone.

6. Your family and friends release an ear-shattering cheer after you read out your assignment.

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8. You are called to serve in a place you never could have anticipated.

9. You close the door after everyone leaves and immediately just start happy dancing.

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10. Meanwhile, Dad starts researching everything from average rainfall to crime rates in your mission.

11. The excitement wears off and the reality of what just happened starts to sink in (and so does the panic).

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12. But then you remember why you're going and the happy dancing starts all over again.

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