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I studied being a peacemaker every week for 6 months. Here’s what I learned

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As host of the Magnify Podcast, I had the unique opportunity to spend six months studying and having conversations about President Nelson’s talk "Peacemakers Needed" every single week. Never before have I studied the Prophet’s words so intensely or consistently—and I really did feel a big shift in my life.

Here are a few things that stood out to me as I have reflected on all the prophet’s words, my own personal study, and the insights of all our guests over the last few months.

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Building Others Brings Peace

Cheering each other on and seeing the good in people is way more fun than living in a space of comparison or criticism AND it has the added benefit of bringing peace into our lives and relationships. I have started practicing trying to always mention the good. When a compliment comes to mind it is not mine to keep—I’ve been given that thought to share!

We Find What We Look For

If we look for reasons to be contentious, we can find them. The same goes for peace! When peace is our priority, we can choose to see people and situations differently. This creates far more opportunities to be a peacemaker in our everyday lives. We can also prepare our hearts and homes to receive peace simply by looking for it! We get to expect peace!

Peace Comes When We Come to Know Christ

Christ is the giver of peace, specifically the kind of peace that withstands all circumstances. Our relationship with Him is worth the investment! He invites us to join Him in creating the peace we so desperately need. Knowing who and whose we are gives us the power and courage to choose and create peace.

Take Things One Interaction at a Time

Becoming a peacemaker in every aspect of our lives can feel overwhelming, but when we break it down to one person, one interaction at a time, things start to change. Hearts change when we choose kindness and respect, and when we remember that every soul matters! Our small, seemingly insignificant efforts can stack up to make a huge impact. We don’t need to be perfect; we just need to try!

My Covenants Give Me More Power to Create Peace

Our covenant promises include an increase in power, and I have found that includes increased power to create peace! As I have tried to create more peace for others, I have seen the miracle of peace in my life—wherever it is that I need it the most. As I lean on my covenants I am guided to the miracle of peace.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after general conference, thinking that we need to change so many things or study so much more, but I found that even trying to be 1% better at being a peacemaker changed everything for me. Like President Nelson says, the Lord loves effort!

Season 2 of Magnify is here!

In this season of the podcast, we will be taking the talks we heard in the October 2023 general conference and breaking them into discussions. Each week, our host Kathryn Davis will be joined by a contributor who will share three takeaways that stood out to them and discuss how those spiritual reminders brought peace, happiness, truth, reassurance, and relief into their lives. Then, throughout the week those conversations will continue on Instagram where we want to hear what stood out to our community.

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