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Church Video: LDS Mother Receives Terminal Diagnosis Right After the Birth of Her Son, Finds Peace Through the Savior


A couple days before the due date of her first baby boy, Kristin Sumbot had a headache and was running into walls. After an emergency C-section delivery, Sumbot received the news that she had a terminal brain tumor. 

"It seemed so unreal, I was holding my newborn baby boy with a terminal diagnosis, 14-15 months," Sumbot says in the Church #PrinceofPeace video. "The only thing I could think of is that's not long enough for me to be with my baby boy."

However, she knows that God is with her and her family. Through the Savior, the knowledge that her family will be together eases their burden in this time of trial.

"I have faith that I'm not alone in that darkness. That my Savior is there walking beside me to uplift me," Sumbot says. "We have our faith in Christ. We know that we will be together forever, despite the timeline we may have."

Watch the following video as part of the Church initiative this Easter to learn Principles of Peace from the Savior. You can find other videos at

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