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Finding Moments to Feel Reverent Daily


MR says: We could all benefit from a little more time to be still and soak in the Spirit, but that can be tough with busy lives. Here are a few good ideas to keep in mind throughout the day.

Finding time to feel reverent daily can help you recharge your spirit. To have reverence means to have deep respect for someone or something. Being alone with God can strengthen you and help you receive inspiration for your life.

Marion G. Romney described some of the benefits of reverence: “One who has profound reverence for the Lord loves him, trusts in him, prays to him, relies upon him, and is inspired by him. … Our reverence for him increases as our love for him grows.”

“Ye Are the Temple of God”—1 Corinthians 3:16

Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, taught that the human body is a temple of God and that it’s possible for the Spirit of God to dwell within us if we keep our minds and bodies pure and clean. On our busiest days it’s comforting to know that God, when invited, can be with us no matter where we are.

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