By  Jacob Hess
February 13, 2024 06:00 AM MST
When feelings ebb in your relationship, rather than signs of reconsidering, let them be signs to begin truly loving the human in front of you.
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January 17, 2024 09:49 AM MST
Latter-day Saint artist Greg Olsen’s creativity hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. In fact, it seems to be picking up speed.
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April 25, 2023 01:13 PM MDT
As I’ve started practicing meditation in my life, I’ve noticed an increase in the peace and calm I feel. Here are some of the takeaways I’ve found about how meditation can enhance our relationship with the Savior.
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August 19, 2022 02:54 PM MDT
if you’re feeling a bit down about the weekend slipping away, here are some ideas to help you beat those Sabbath blues and make the day more of a delight.
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July 03, 2022 09:25 AM MDT
We would do well to follow the Savior’s example of seeking solitude.
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When was the last time you knelt down, breathed deep, and then begged God to make something stop or go away or change?
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Latter-day Saints recognize that, rather than an aberration in God’s plan, lack of knowing is a central and defining feature of mortal experience.
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September 25, 2020 08:24 PM MDT
Being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue is just what it sounds like—utterly exhausting. For Janet Hales, that even meant walking slowly for five minutes was almost more than she could endure.
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August 14, 2020 02:51 PM MDT
Editor's note: "This week from the pulpit" highlights recent messages by General Authorities, General Officers and leaders of the Church.
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Editor's note: The Power of Stillness is the LDS Living Book Club's book of the month. Join the conversation on the LDS Living Book Club's Instagram.
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Elder Richard G. Scott once shared: “Many voices from the world in which we live tell us we should live at a frantic pace. There is always more to do and more to accomplish. Yet deep inside each of us is a need to have a place of refuge where peace and serenity prevail, a place where we can reset, regroup, and reenergize to prepare for future pressures.”
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Compared with a once-soulful experience of prayer and scripture study, many of us know what it’s like to find spiritual practices becoming impoverished, superficial, and thin. Although it’s easy to conclude that prayer or scriptures themselves are somehow limited, it would be shortsighted not to also consider ways in which larger tendencies toward distractedness, stressful busyness, and an accelerating pace of life might be playing a role.
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January 03, 2020 02:17 PM MST
Sometimes as Latter-day Saints and human beings, we have so much to do that we forget to take time to be. Elder Holland has said, "As King Benjamin cautioned his people, it is not intended that we run faster than we have strength and all things should be done in order (see Mosiah 4:27).” But despite that, I know that many of you run very fast and that your energy and emotional supply sometimes registers close to empty."
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Scholar Adam Miller writes: “The Sabbath is God’s way of interrupting our lives. It’s his way of interrupting time, of breaking its spell. With the Sabbath, God introduces a hiccup into time, a beat of stillness, a little pocket of eternity.”
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November 01, 2015 12:23 AM MDT
MR says: We could all benefit from a little more time to be still and soak in the Spirit, but that can be tough with busy lives. Here are a few good ideas to keep in mind throughout the day.
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October 16, 2015 01:06 PM MDT
MR says: What simple things might be keeping you from repenting without you even realizing it? Learn how you can better access the power of the Atonement and repentance in your day-to-day life.
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