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How a Small Newspaper Ad Helped 4 Swedish Women Convert to the Gospel


At age 14, Daila Vizulis came across a small newspaper advertisement that would change the lives of her and two of her close friends forever.

Family and home life was not easy for Vizulis or her friend Margareta Johansson, who lived in her same building. Both their parents were divorced and as Johansson described it, "we had bad times, but we found each other."

Together with their friend Lisbeth Pettersson, the girls had dreams of one day moving to America together and starting a whole new life. They were learning English in school, but when Vizulis saw an advertisement for free classes in American style English, she was excited to share the news with her friends.

The first night the girls showed up for the class, they found two young men, Americans, there to teach the class. They were welcomed in and sat down, but were surprised moments later when the two young men requested to begin with a prayer.

Story by Aubrey Eyre; Church News. Lead image from left: Daila Vizulis, Lisbeth Pettersson, a visiting sailor, Bert Mattsson, Margareta Johansson, another member of their ward and Lena Lindberg. Photo courtesy Margareta Johansson; retrieved from Church News.

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