Latter-day Saint Life

How to Teach Yourself to Be Happy for Others

If you are happy for other people, you simply get to be happy more often.

We are all in each others faces these days. Whether it be Instagram or blogs or Facebook, I’m aware of awards, scholarships, book contracts, mission calls, engagements and prizes. I love hearing about the successes of my friends and neighbors.

Whenever I hear of someone going on a trip, earning a promotion, fulfilling a dream, I’m giddy for them. And I honestly, truly believe when I rejoice for others, more joy comes my way.

Now, I’m not perfect at this. Sometimes I catch myself feeling jealous and petty and scarcely able to congratulate a friend. When those feelings emerge, I know it’s a warning sign about my spiritual health. For me, envy means I haven’t been praying enough, or reading scriptures or expressing gratitude.

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