Worship over waves: Why this Tahitian bishop and professional surfer will likely never win another surfing competition

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What is it like being an extra on the Book of Mormon set during the depiction of Christ’s visit to the Americas?

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Once an atheist, this ICU doctor now feels a divine call to 'help people feel more like humans and less like patients'

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‘I truly love the work more than anything else in this world’: Elder LeGrand Richards’s special witness of Jesus Christ

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Editor’s note: The following excerpt comes from a book about special witnesses of Jesus Christ. You c...


Podcast host Morgan Jones on why you can still have doubts and be all in the gospel of Jesus Christ

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Saturday evening session of conference is back on—here’s what will be different

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The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent the following letter today, Ju...


They were toddlers when their photo went viral. Now these adorable cousins are getting baptized

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