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From one Latter-day Saint family to another: Utah Jazz to be sold for $1.6 billion

by Morgan Jones | October 28, 2020

This morning, in a deal that shocked the sports world, the Miller family agreed to sell the Utah Jazz to Qu...


Watch: Missionaries choreograph dance to honor sister missionary who passed away in hiking accident

by Tylee Hunt, contributor | October 26, 2020

A group of missionaries serving in the Alpine-German Speaking mission are using their talents to share thei...


‘Of course, Black lives matter’: President Oaks speaks on ‘Racism and Other Challenges’ at BYU devotional

by Lindsey Williams | October 27, 2020

Speaking at the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University, President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in t...


Why an NFL offensive tackle sang Primary songs on the football field

by David Butler, excerpted from “Spirit” | October 28, 2020

The October pick for  LDS Living Book Club  is  Spirit by David Butler . Follow the LDS Livi...


See photos of progress made on the Salt Lake Temple renovation in October

by LDS Living Staff | October 28, 2020 | From the Church

This story will be updated throughout the Salt Lake Temple renovation. Click the links below for individual...


10 profound blessings Latter-day Saints have been promised if they will forgive

by Emily Abel | October 27, 2020 | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

This story originally ran on  LDS Living  in July 2019.  The principle of forgiveness can be...


6 takeaways for our times from Mormon 1–6

by Lindsey Williams | October 27, 2020 | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

Editor's note: “ Resources to follow Him ” curates study resources, teachings, and thoughts...


50 Trunk-or-Treat Decorating Ideas You Wish You Had Time For

by Kelsey Berteaux | Fun

While the origins of "trunk-or-treating" are a mystery, the benefits of them are well-known: less walking f...


7 hidden treasures for a mom from the Word of Wisdom

by Carrie Skarda | October 26, 2020

The test came back positive. My 8-year-old had COVID-19, and our family was stuck in quarantine anxiously w...


Elder Uchtdorf says this hymn can serve as a theme for our times. Here’s how it opened my eyes

by Lindsey Williams | October 23, 2020 | Makes You Think

Editor's note: Our bi-weekly Friday column, “ Found in the footnotes ,” explores some of th...


16 perfect Christmas gift ideas for missionaries

by LDS Living Staff | October 26, 2020 | Fun

It might seem early, but now is the time to send gifts to ensure that they arrive before Christmas. Here is...


6 beautiful reminders for when you don't feel good enough

by Lloyd Newell, excerpted from "Celebrating Music and the Spoken Word" | October 25, 2020

This story originally ran on  LDS Living in June 2016.  Music and the Spoken Word has been uplift...


Less Than 2 Years after $8 Billion Acquisition, Qualtrics CEO Calls Business Success “Underwhelming” in Comparison to the Joy of the Gospel

by LDS Living Staff | May 16, 2020

On November 11, 2018, Qualtrics, the company co-founded by Ryan Smith, was purchased for $8 billion. And ye...


How political neutrality and social engagement coexist in the Church

by Danielle Christensen | October 26, 2020

Many US citizens have begun casting their votes prior to election day on Tuesday, November 3. But while vot...


The importance of names and how the name of the Church changed over time

by Jannalee Sandau | October 23, 2020 | Makes You Think

This article was originally shared on  LDS Living  in 2017 and has been updated to reflect additi...


Watch: How the missionaries taught one couple the gospel thanks to a remote referral

by Valerie Russell | October 26, 2020

Chris and Katy Bush had already visited many different churches and were ready to give up their search for ...


‘He had so much faith and love for me’: Charlie Bird shares experience of coming out to his brother on Mount Kilimanjaro

by LDS Living Staff | October 29, 2020

On this week’s episode of   This is the Gospel , three storytellers share what it means to them ...


Oakland California Temple to resume operations; Porto Alegre Brazil Temple to enter Phase 2

by Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | October 26, 2020 | From the Church

Editor's note: This press release was originally published on May 7, 2020, and has been updated weekly....


What the Tampa Bay Rays' Mental Skills Coach taught us about ‘heavenly habits’—and how it may have led to their big finish Saturday night

by Morgan Jones | October 27, 2020

Brett Phillips had every reason to feel the weight of the world as he stepped up to the plate on Saturday n...


8 gospel-centered tips for helping children cultivate righteous digital habits

by Amy Adams, Contributor | October 29, 2020 | Makes You Think

When my pre-teen son asked for a phone, I wondered if President David O. McKay had imagined the small devic...