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Want to take on Pres. Nelson’s challenge to become a peacemaker? Check out this online weekly study

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In April general conference, President Russell M. Nelson urged us all to “choose to be a peacemaker, now and always.” Now, a community on social media is providing a resource to practically apply President Nelson’s challenge to change the world through peace building in our every day lives.

The Magnify online community was created provide connection and community for women who want to invite Christ into their everyday lives and encourages women to “dare to live differently.”

Every week until October general conference on their Instagram Stories, the team at Magnify is diving into the scriptures and the words of our prophet and apostles on a mission called Pave the Path to Peace. The next six months will be spent finding answers to important questions like What is peace? How do we find it? How do we create it? How do we share it? How do we receive it? How do we feel it? And most of all, How can we get more of it?

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To join the online study, all you need to do is follow @magnifycommunity and check out each morning’s new study prompt. Every week will feature a new topic like love, honesty, forgiveness, willingness, respect, poise, and encouragement; and simply checking Instagram Stories quickly each day will allow you to finish the whole study by Friday of each week!

You can also download this fun printable card pack to stick on your mirror, post in your car, stick in your journal, or share with a friend!

We believe that as we all dive in to the attributes of peacemaking, we will see ourselves, our lives, and even the world around us change for the better, just as President Nelson promised.

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To inspire your study, you can also listen to this introductory podcast episode from Magnify in the player below about how paving the path to peace can be so influential and transformative.

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