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Watch: Al Fox Carraway Creates Powerful Vlog All Members Should Watch


"An email I recently received said, 'I was sitting in a lesson at church and the teacher said that all people with tattoos are bad people.' I receive way too many emails like this—why?" Al Fox Carraway says in her latest vlog post. 

As a convert to the Church, Al Fox Carraway has shared her experiences about feeling wrongfully judged, her battle with loneliness, and what we can do to help and uplift those around us

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In this vlog, Al also shares how we can teach others—particularly the youth—to love others who may be different than us. 

"What we say, what we are teaching is literally shaping the future leaders and teachers and fellowship of the Church," she says. 

Watch her full vlog below!

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Love EVERYONE - You Are Not a Bad Person!! [4k]

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