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Watch: This Sunday nap TikTok may make you chuckle + 6 ideas for post-Sunday snooze fun

There’s something particularly perfect about a post-church nap on Sunday—you get home from church, put on some comfortable clothes, and curl up with your favorite blanket for a little snooze. TikTokers Ty and Kena MetCalfe have more than 4.5 million views on a video that shows the couple arriving home from church and wasting no time getting relaxed. If you’re an avid Sunday napper, you’ll likely chuckle at the accuracy of this 12-second video.

@the.metcalfes Been a minute since we’ve done one of these… who can relate…? 😂 #church #churchtiktok #mormon #lds #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #fyp ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

But what are you up to after your Sunday snooze? Here are some ideas that may help you spend meaningful time with the ones you love most on the Sabbath!

1. Watch a faith-based show

Let’s face it: there are a lot of movie options out there. Maybe on Sunday, turn on a faith-based title, like The Other Side of Heaven or 17 Miracles. You can even watch the Book of Mormon Videos on the gospel library! So if you’re in the mood for a relaxing Sunday, you might pop some popcorn, curl up with a cozy blanket, and pick an uplifting film to watch.

2. Play a game

If you’re looking for something equally entertaining but more interactive than a movie, try playing a card or board game. Whether you pull out something kid-friendly, like this scripture story matching game, or something more advanced, like Grandpa Beck’s “Cover Your Assets,” playing a game is a surefire way to bring your loved ones together for some quality time on Sunday.

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3. Find a no-phone activity

Our phones are almost never out of reach, but Sunday is a great time to unplug and reset. Instead of spending mindless hours scrolling on social media or surfing the internet, you might set down your smartphone and pull out something different. Whether you put together a puzzle that depicts a scripture scene (we love this Sermon on the Mount puzzle by Jorge Cocco Santángelo) or build your favorite temple with a Brick'em Young Lego set, taking a break from your smart devices can foster a fun atmosphere in your home!

4. Try a new recipe

Sunday could be the perfect day to break out a new recipe. Whether you’re looking to whip up a sweet summery treat like homemade ice cream or throw together a delicious grilled meal, you’re sure to enjoy cooking and sharing the spoils with your friends and family.

5. Study a general conference talk

Every six months we sit down to watch general conference, and then we are encouraged to study them in greater depth. But sometimes carving out the time can be a challenge in the whirlwind of life. This General Conference Addresses Journal makes it easy to revisit your favorite talks from the past conference, with space in the margins to take notes. You’ll be able to highlight to your heart’s content and easily revisit your favorite messages again and again. You can also re-listen to your favorite messages on the Gospel Library app.

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6. Write in (or start) your journal

Maybe you’re an avid journal writer, or maybe you haven’t put pen to paper for years. Either way, setting aside some time to reflect on the day, week, or past few months can help you reset, and what better day to do it than Sunday? And don’t forget—you don’t need to write a novel! But if you’re not even sure where to begin, you might check out these journaling prompts to get started.

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