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Watch: Latter-day Saint Shares Message of “Beauty, Worth, and Power of All Women” in New Music Video


Latter-day Saint singer and songwriter Jennifer Manges recently released her new music video for her upcoming single, “I Am a Woman.” The inspiring lyrics testify of the beauty and importance of women in the world today. 

In the video description, Manges writes, “This song is an anthem, affirmation, and declaration of truth about the beauty, worth, and power of all women!” The video shows women in all walks of life and emphasizes how we should use our voices and power to bring light into the world. 

Manges shares the powerful story on her websiteof how she wrote the song. She was driving home from a speaking event one night when she was overcome with “empathy and compassion for the suffering hearts that walk through this world unknown.” 

She continued, “I wanted a song that communicated the value of human souls regardless of race, creed, gender, and all the other crazy ways we humans segregate and categorize each other. Because the truth is: we are all worthwhile. And that’s not some trite platitude. It’s a God-given truth. Every life is important.” 

She also recounted how the song “poured” out of her as she was driving home that night. “I had no way to record it so I kept singing it over and over line by line until I couldn’t forget it, and I didn’t,” she wrote. This song is a beautiful reminder that the worth of souls is great in God’s eyes and we should use our power and strength to be a light.

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I Am a Woman- Jennifer Manges [Official Music Video]

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