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Why Strong Mormon Women Stay in the Church


"Why do strong women stay in the Church? I cannot answer this question for anyone else. But I can answer it for myself. I stay because of yes. Because when I keep my covenants, I have the power of knowing — seeing — in a way I cannot achieve without my Father in Heaven." You should also check out Eva Witesman's powerful BYU speech on women and prophesying.

People often wonder why strong Mormon women stay in the church. As though a secular, godless, power-driven reality would be better suited to our intellects, our ambitions, our self-respect. As though the mere idea of religion (and the Latter-day Saint religion in particular) might be antithetical to our tenacious temperaments. But I have found that, at least for me, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was born knowing — knowing — that there was divinity in me. In the words of Sheri Dew, I was born for glory. We all were. I saw it in my mother, my grandmother, my sister. I think this is at the core of every strong woman: This knowing. This fire. This sense of eternal destiny. This greatness.

I remember learning about the restoration of the gospel — about angels reinstating long-hidden powers so that we could prepare ourselves and the world for the second coming of Christ. I knew that I was meant to be part of this throng of Latter-day Saints. These fulfillers of prophesy. These waymakers. I heard these things and somewhere inside of me, a burning voice said yes.

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