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You can watch ‘The Chosen’ Season 3 starting this Sunday. Here’s how

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Starting this Sunday, December 11, Season 3 of “The Chosen” will be streaming for free on the BYUtv app and Episode 1 will be available on Sunday, with new episodes will drop each Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. Episode 3 will premiere on Christmas Day.

The first two episodes were released in theaters last month and made more than $14 million in the theatrical box office before arriving on BYUtv.

“The Chosen” director and creator Dallas Jenkins shared on Facebook last month, “Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off … with Jesus delivering the most famous sermon in history. What follows are the consequences of living out his teachings. The world changes because of this sermon, and the believers in (and enemies of) Jesus increase exponentially. This creates confusion, chaos, and yes, doubt, and we don’t gloss over any of that in this season. I assure you, you’re going to see some tough questions asked that you’ve no doubt experienced yourself. But ... He gives rest.”

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Jenkins also mentioned that the cast and crew did not get to escape the major emotional themes of the sermons featured in Season 3 either. Between supply chain issues affecting construction and COVID delays, Jenkins said that “the making of Season 3 for sure made us weary and heavy-laden.”

But fans are eagerly awaiting the new episodes and excited for the emotional messages this new season will bring.

LaDonna Burke shared on YouTube, “Growing up in a Christian home, I have watched many shows about Jesus but this one … this one has moved me like nothing else. It’s opened my eyes and made me view the four gospels in a whole new light.”

Alec Carr wrote, “This show is changing my life—and it is only a part of my beginning. Thank you. ️️Every episode has made me cry, and sometimes I don't know if they’re happy tears or sad tears. But I think overall it’s just a feeling of hope. Hope for something better than me and everyone and everything. It’s not a feeling I can explain, but I don't want to live without it anymore.”

And Ian Chandler commented, “I am an agnostic who really likes this show! It demonstrates how caring Jesus was to the people he was in contact with. He’s not robotic like he is in many other adaptations. He really feels humane here. Sure, I’m skeptical of its supernatural aspects; but the character growth, cinematography, acting, and tone really sell it for me! Here’s to an amazing, theatrical season 3!”

You can watch the new trailer for season 3 in the player below.

You can learn more about Season 3 and watch past episodes of “The Chosen” here.

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