10 Famous People Who Served Missions (and Where)

Dale Murphy—Boston

5 More Famous Returned Missionaries (& Where They Served)

Photos courtesy of Sports Illustrated and utahvalley.org

He has more MVP trophies than Pete Rose and Jackie Robinson. He hit more home runs than Carlton Fisk and Johnny Bench. He won the prestigious Roberto Clemente award and had his number retired by one of the most storied franchises in sports.

Then, he served for three years as a mission president in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Dale Murphy was one of the best center fielders to ever play the game. Introduced to the Church by a minor-league teammate, Murphy quickly embraced the gospel and became a role model on and off the field. Well-known for his clean living habits, Murphy was an ambassador for Christ before he ever put on a name tag.

Just a year after his baptism, Murphy wanted to serve a mission. "But several local Church leaders felt he could do a greater missionary work in baseball and encouraged him to remain," a 1985 Ensign article states. But the call to serve still came later in life to him and his wife. Though the Murphys’ service ended in 2000, Dale is still quick to praise the missionaries they presided over. “My appreciation for the missionaries throughout the world grew tremendously,” he said in an interview with the MiLB Stockton Ports. “They work so hard and have such great faith . . . we will never forget their examples to us.”

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