21 Awkward Things Latter-day Saints Have Actually Said on a First Date

by | Feb. 10, 2018


Meeting the Parents

I met this guy's mom on our super awkward first date, and later in front of my friends he blurted out, "My mom thinks you'll be a great mom!" —Jannalee

Well That Was Random

He turned to me and said, "So, you're a girl, huh?" —Jana
One guy talked at length about how excited and prepared he was for the zombie apocalypse. . . . —Nicole
At the end of a pretty good first date, I once had a girl ask me the big pornography question when I walked her to the door. I'm not opposed to girls asking about this, but the first date seemed a little soon for me. —Robby
"Do you ever talk to colors? I do all the time. I always wanna be like, 'Yo! Red! Why don't you just blue it up a little!?! Stop being so harsh!' What colors do you talk to?" —Corinne

Thinly Veiled Bragging or Insults

"You're not really calling this a date, are you?" —Gonzalo
"People think I sing like Josh Groban." —Melissa

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