6 podcasts to strengthen your faith and brighten your commute

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Looking for something new to listen to on your commute? We've rounded up six LDS Living podcasts so you can find your new favorite listen.
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If you’ve ever browsed Spotify or Apple Podcasts looking for a new podcast, then you know that wading through the thousands of options can be overwhelming.

So we are diving into six LDS Living podcasts to help you find a new, uplifting, and informative listen. These summaries will tell you what to expect from each show, and we hope you find a new podcast to incorporate into your listening routine!

All In

The All In podcast shares the inspiring stories of Latter-day Saints from all walks of life and at the end of each episode the guests answer this question: What does it mean to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ? The answers might surprise you as you hear from athletes, authors, business professionals, chefs, musicians, psychologists, professors, parents, and everyone in between. You’ll hear inspiring conversion stories, people’s life-changing epiphanies, and their paths to physical and emotional healing. In other episodes, you’ll hear how people navigated faith struggles and loss. Since 2018, All In host Morgan Pearson has sought out unique stories from faithful Saints to share with podcast listeners. Here are just a few that we love:

Jenedy Paige, an artist and a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, shared how consistent prayer, journaling, and scripture study gave her the honest and personal relationship with God that she would need to weather all the storms of her life—most especially when her youngest son, Morgan, passed away from a drowning incident.

Conlon and Rachel Bonner shared how their testimony of eternal families was only strengthened after their nine-month-old son unexpectedly passed away on New Year’s Day.

Astrid Tuminez, current president of Utah Valley University, shared the power of education and how it transformed her life, taking her from an impoverished life in the Philippines to Harvard. She also discusses how her conversion to the Church impacted her life.

Steve Young, former NFL Football player and ESPN pundit, talked about how he discovered what he calls the “law of love” on the football field and how it applied to all other aspects of his life.

Emily Robinson Adams, author of Divine Quietness and a practicing attorney, shares the struggles of a period in her life when she felt god was silent. During that time, she found that “rethinking” her understanding of God was key to ensuring her spiritual survival.

Every guest’s story is unique and their insights on what it means to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ may inspire you to be “all in” the gospel, too.

You can find the All In podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and LDSLiving.org.

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Sunday on Monday

Sunday on Monday is a carefully curated Come, Follow Me study podcast hosted by Tammy Uzelac Hall, a former seminary teacher with a background in the Hebrew language. Tammy draws on years of teaching experience and the expertise of her guests to create meaningful dialogue about the Come, Follow Me lessons that will help listeners engage with scriptures in new and profound ways.

Plus, Sunday on Monday listeners can connect with a wide Sunday on Monday audience on the podcast’s Facebook and Instagram study group pages. You might be surprised at the community you can find when digging into the scriptures with friends far and wide. And who wouldn’t want a more inspirational social media feed with posts like this?

The podcast is exclusively available through the Deseret Bookshelf Plus app with a premium subscription. Plus, you’ll get access to past years’ episodes, too!

On LDSLiving.com, you can download free weekly glue-ins: inspiring quotes, Hebrew translations, and other tidbits from the podcast that you can stick in your paper scriptures. Also on LDSLiving.com, you can find show notes (short bios for the guests and links to talks or books referenced on the episode) as well as an episode transcript.

A Sunday on Monday Study Journal is also available for purchase. The journal was created specifically for Sunday on Monday listeners and is meant to guide listeners through their Come, Follow Me study. With the Sunday on Monday podcast, you’ll have the resources and community that make it easier than ever to dig in and study the scriptures.

Magnify the Podcast

Live different—that’s the motto of Magnify the Podcast. Made specifically for women who are striving to make a difference in the world, Magnify centers on gospel conversations that are meaningful and applicable to everyday life. Each episode is hosted by Kathryn Davis, a full-time seminary teacher and mom of four, whose goal is to help listeners laugh, think, and feel God’s love in each and every episode.

Kathryn and her podcast guests have spent the last six months striving to answer President Nelson’s call to become peacemakers by discussing 16 attributes found in a peacemaker. Poise, confidence, willingness, and compassion were all on the list. In each Magnify episode, you learn from Kathryn and Latter-day Saint women from all walks of life about what it really looks and feels like to apply these attributes and be a peacemaker every day.

Join Kathryn and the Magnify community on their journey to live different, pursue peace, and make a difference in the world. You can listen to Magnify on LDSliving.com, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Other podcasts from LDS Living

Love Your Lineage: As BIPOC women, Miyamoto Loretta Jensen and Michelle Franzoni Thorley knew firsthand the unique challenges associated with family history, especially when ancestors are members of minority and marginalized groups. So, they created the Love Your Lineage podcast specifically for a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) audience.

And they’re well equipped to introduce listeners to a friendly, candid, and shame-free approach to family history. Miyamoto is a professional Genealogist who specializes in Polynesian family history work, and Michelle is a Mexican American visual artist and anti-racism consultant. Together, they created a platform where they could discuss the good, the difficult, and everything in between when it comes to family history.

Even though this podcast was specifically created for a BIPOC audience, all are encouraged to listen and make deep and powerful connections to their ancestors, no matter their background or family situation.

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Episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or LDSLiving.com.

This Is the Gospel: Our stories are important—and we can learn so much from those who share their stories with the world. This Is the Gospel is a story-telling podcast and a three-time winner of the LDS Publishing & Media Association’s award for Best Podcast Episode. Latter-day Saints everywhere submitted their stories, and we have the result—over 80 inspiring episodes showing what living the gospel looks like in day-to-day life.

You can stream all four seasons of this award-winning podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or LDSLiving.com.

Joseph: There are so many wonderful historical commentaries about the Prophet Joseph Smith, but the Joseph podcast is a bit different. It’s all about guiding listeners on their journey to get to know the Prophet as a friend and a person. In this mini-series podcast, host Heidi Swinton and her guests discuss how they came to know Joseph as a friend. If you feel like you know Joseph already, this podcast will help you get to know him better. If you feel hesitant about Joseph, then this podcast will help you think deeply about the Prophet’s life and calling.

You can find Joseph exclusively on Deseret Bookshelf Plus with a premium subscription.

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