This Latter-day Saint meetinghouse is expected to attract 10,000 visitors in the next 5 days—here’s why

It is not often that a Church-hosted activity boasts five stars on Yelp but a Christmas Creche exhibit hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does just that.
This project will address structural deficiencies, preservation of aging finishes, replacement of outdated mechanical systems, and updating the guest experience.
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Enjoy this collection of beautiful photos of temples blanketed in snow.
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Back in June, Elder David A. Bednar sat down with adorable 8-year-old East Idaho News correspondent Emmy Eaton for an interview—and the other day he came back for a surprise visit.
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A new official Church notice reads, “Except for stake presidents and bishops, all married members called to YSA positions should be considered for release.”
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December 03, 2022 11:26 AM MST
Sarah Jane Wright believes childhood should be a more whimsical place—so she creates art for kids that captures the wonder of laughter, friendship, and faith.
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December 02, 2022 06:14 PM MST
On this week’s episode of All In, Maddie and her parents, the authors of the book Mustaches for Maddie, recalled the memories associated with Maddie’s initial diagnosis.
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December 02, 2022 01:24 PM MST
The unlikely song pairing, alongside Vocal Point’s gorgeous a capella harmonies and the Shaws’ powerful tones, will get any Scrooge into the Christmas spirit.
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Exploring what it means to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ
A Come, Follow Me study group podcast
Using our influence as women of God to make a difference in the world.
A storytelling podcast
By  Emily Abel
December 02, 2022 01:11 PM MST
When artists create scenes reflective of their own cultures, nativities becomes a way for all to liken the scriptures unto themselves.
12 Min Read
December 01, 2022 05:00 AM MST
Here's some of our favorite Christmas albums from Latter-day Saint artists that you won't get tired of anytime soon!
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November 29, 2022 10:04 AM MST
A statuary hall in India has installed a statue of Joseph Smith, honored as one who promoted world peace.
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November 29, 2022 07:00 AM MST
Check out our list of holiday decor that will help brighten and warm your home while still reminding you of the true meaning of Christmas.
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November 28, 2022 01:54 PM MST
Through a story of reconciliation, as well as beautiful harmonies and stirring orchestral parts, viewers are reminded of the hope and healing that the Savior brings.
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On Wednesday, the Church announced that six new missions will be created in 2023—five of which will be on the same continent. Find out where they will all be located.
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The First Presidency invites all of us “to find quiet moments to reflect on our Savior’s birth, life, and atoning sacrifice.”
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By  LDS Living
November 28, 2022 07:00 AM MST
It's Cyber Week on Deseret Book! Enjoy these deals all week.
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November 27, 2022 12:34 PM MST
A recent convert in Spain. A Farsi-speaking sister missionary in California. An accidental but special phone call to bring them together.
7 Min Read
November 23, 2022 09:59 AM MST
In 1998, James E. Faust gave a talk in the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and said the way of Santa Claus "is the way of the Infant Jesus also."
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By  Emily Abel
November 22, 2022 03:38 PM MST
Adassa from Disney’s Encanto gave a live performance in Salt Lake City not as her character Dolores, but as a member of the Church eager to shine light into the world.
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November 22, 2022 03:11 PM MST
As the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, we all remind ourselves to focus a little more on the things that we are blessed with in our lives.
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