How the Prophet and Apostles Met Their Wives: Love Stories from Our Church Leaders

by | Jul. 14, 2018

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Elder Stevenson and Lesa Stevenson

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According to a 2016 Ensign article, Elder Stevenson met Lesa Jean Higley at an Old Testament class at Utah State University’s Institute of Religion. He says, “The teacher asked Lesa to role-play as Eve and for me to play the role of Satan to tempt her. As a result, it took a while for me to convince her to go out with me.” They dated for over a year and were married in the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple in 1979.

About his wife, Elder Stevenson says, “Hers is a life punctuated by selfless service and unconditional love of all. I will strive to remain worthy of the blessing of our eternal union.”

Elder Renlund and Ruth Renlund

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Elder Renlund attended a ward at the University of Utah, where he met Ruth, according to 2016 Ensign article:

“She was the daughter of a member of the stake presidency, Merlin R. Lybbert, who later served in the Seventy. Dale’s recollection is that he mustered the courage to ask Ruth out on a date, but she said no. When he tried again a few months later, she said yes. Ruth’s version is a little different. She remembers that when he spoke in sacrament meeting about his mission, she was impressed. They got better acquainted, and she was thrilled when he asked her to go on a date, but she was hosting a party that required her to decline. She was pleased to accept when he asked again.”

They were married in 1977 in Salt Lake Temple. About his wife, Elder Renlund says, “Aside from the decision to be active in the Church, marrying Ruth has been the most amazing thing in my life.”

Elder Gong and Susan Gong

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According to the Deseret News, when Elder Gong worked at the MTC after returning from his mission to Taiwan. It was there that he met Susan, who at the time was a young missionary preparing to serve her own mission in Taiwan. When they briefly met, Elder Gong felt “this was somebody I’d always known.” When Susan returned from her mission, Elder Gong spent some time with his family in Provo and dated Susan every day. The two-week stay extended to four weeks, and they continued their courtship even when he went to Hawaii for an internship.

“We felt the Spirit guiding us to bring us together,” Sister Gong says. They were engaged over the telephone, and when he came home for Christmas, they were married the first day the Salt Lake Temple opened in the New Year in 1980.

Sister Gong says, “We've been married 30 years now, and we're still getting to know things about each other we didn't know from the start, and there's more to know because we've had different experiences.”

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Elder Soares and Rosana Soares

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Elder Soares met Rosana while they were both serving in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. When Rosana returned home, Elder Soares was engaged at the time. However, Elder Soares knew his current engagement was not right when he met Rosana again at a dance. He broke the engagement and dated Rosana for two years. They were married in the São Paulo Brazil Temple in 1982.

About his wife, Elder Soares says, “I take solace also in the love and support of my beloved wife. She has been an example of goodness, love, and total devotion to the Lord and for me and my family. I love her with every ounce of my heart, and I am grateful for the positive influence she has had on us.”

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