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Here’s the status of all 133 temples announced by President Nelson

An exterior rendering of the Bengaluru India Temple.
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President Russell M. Nelson has announced 133 temples since he became President of the Church in 2018.

It’s a staggering number all on its own. But when considering the bigger picture, it becomes even more impressive: According to Deseret News, there were 182 temples in operation, under construction, or announced when President Nelson began leading the Church in 2018. There are now 315 temples in operation, under construction, or announced—meaning that President Nelson has announced 42 percent of all the Church’s temples.

It's amazing to see how the Lord’s work is moving forward. But when it comes to temples, how is the work moving forward exactly? It’s a little tricky to keep track of all 133 temples that have been announced, where they are, and what their status is—but not impossible. Here’s a quick breakdown of what stage they’re at:

  • Temples announced with locations: 30
  • Temples announced with locations currently unavailable: 50
  • Temples with exterior renderings: 60
  • Temples announced with locations and exterior renderings: 11
  • Temples announced with locations, but no exterior renderings: 19
  • Temples under construction: 43
  • Temples with groundbreakings planned this year: 1 (Montpelier Idaho Temple)
  • Temples with open houses and dedications this year: 5
  • Temples dedicated: 4

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So while lots of progress has been made, it’s clear there’s still more work to be done. And that’s not even taking into account temple restoration work and other projects—which is why the Church has been considering other ways to speed up the process by using a modular method of construction.

According to Church Newsroom, the Helena Montana Temple was built with the modular method. A company in Alabama called BLOX designed and manufactured the pieces of the Helena Montana Temple, including walls and floors, at the company’s 50-acre facility and then sent them via semitruck to the temple site. The prefabricated pieces of the temple were then put together on site in just two weeks. It appears that the efforts to expedite the process have paid off—so far, the Helena Montana Temple is just one of five temples announced by President Nelson with a public open house this year, and the temple will be dedicated in June.

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Want to check out the status of one of the temples President Nelson has announced? See a list of all 133 temples (listed in alphabetical order as announced by President Nelson) below. If you have an update about the construction progress of one of the temples on this list, please share it with us at

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