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New Church Easter site includes videos, daily reminders, and resources for a Christ-centered Easter

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The Church has rolled out a new site for Easter 2022 as part of its annual #BecauseOfHim campaign.

The site is contained within the “Come unto Christ” section of the Church website, which focuses mostly on messages for friends of the Church rather than members.

But members and nonmembers alike will find many resources to enhance the celebration of Easter this year. Those resources include:

  • A new Easter video. The powerful two-minute video, titled “The Good News,” shares the message of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.
  • Reminder texts for inspiring Easter messages. Users can sign up to receive text notifications featuring inspiring messages during the week of Easter.
  • Easter day-by-day experience. This page explores the events of the last week of the Savior’s life in an interactive format.
  • “Walk with Christ“ email signup. This email series allows readers to explore the significant places, events, and teachings of Jesus’s life.
  • Easter media downloads. Several Easter videos from previous years are available to download, along with a PDF booklet containing a collection of Easter insights and several Easter-related images of Jesus Christ.

For people who are not members of the Church, the site also has tools for finding a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse for Easter, along with information on what visitors can expect at a worship service; and a section to request to meet with missionaries.

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