April 13, 2022 11:40 AM MDT
It is hard for me to fully imagine what the women must have experienced as they came to the tomb and found it empty.
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April 05, 2022 01:05 PM MDT
The Church has rolled out a new site for Easter 2022 as part of its annual #BecauseOfHim campaign.
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April 04, 2022 10:00 AM MDT
Amidst the family parties, candy, and egg decorating, I will always remember those moments of calm as we took time to read about the One who made eternal life and happiness possible.
5 Min Read
April 21, 2021 07:53 PM MDT
Jennie Taylor has known plenty of heartache in her life. As a 10-year-old, she lost her father to suicide. Years later, when she was married with four children, her teenage brother-in-law also committed suicide. And during her husband Brent’s fourth deployment as a soldier in 2018, she found out he’d been killed in action.
1 Min Read
December 18, 2020 03:42 PM MST
In a new video on BYU Magazine’s YouTube channel, Jack Welch discusses the significance of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus statue in Copenhagen’s Church of Our Lady.
1 Min Read
April 09, 2020 04:11 PM MDT
This week’s Come, Follow Me lesson focuses on Easter. We hope these suggestions, in addition to the suggestions in the Come, Follow Me manual, can help families focus on the message of Christ’s resurrection this Easter Sunday.
5 Min Read
By  Emily Abel
September 02, 2019 08:00 AM MDT
This week's FHE lesson topic comes from the Come, Follow Me reading in 1 Corinthians 14-16. Check out this week's Come, Follow Me study ideas on LDS Livingfor additional resources and suggestions.
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June 28, 2019 01:17 PM MDT
This article is republished with permission from Book of Mormon Central. For more inspiring and instructive content on the Book of Mormon visit Book of Mormon Central, subscribe to their mailing list, see their YouTube videos, and follow them on Facebook.
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April 20, 2019 09:54 AM MDT
For Holy Week, LDS Living has been preparing for Easter in two simple ways: 1) by focusing on the events leading up to Easter on our Instagram account @brightly.beams and 2) by releasing a video a day focusing on the perspective of those who witnessed the life and resurrection of our Savior. Here is our seventh and final video (watch the others here), featuring Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler of Don't Miss This as they testify of the significance of the empty tomb and that the Savior intervenes in our own lives, meeting us where we are at and helping us to become more.
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January 18, 2019 03:04 PM MST
"I was 8 years old when mum died. And probably not realizing it at the time, but I think that started, for me, a lifelong pursuit to find out about her and where she is and where I need to be to be with her," a man says on the Mormon Channel's new video "Finding Hope Through the Resurrection."
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October 19, 2018 03:20 PM MDT
When I was a kid, I always wanted red hair.
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September 17, 2018 12:31 PM MDT
The Maya believed that carved stone monuments, painted walls, and woven textiles were far more than mere decoration. They were living objects, each bearing a soul. Maya art, therefore, did not mimic reality; it was a sacred reality in itself, a kind of frozen ceremonial act created and given life by the artist in much the same way that the gods themselves created the world.
13 Min Read
August 07, 2018 01:52 PM MDT
Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote, “Nothing is more absolutely universal than the Resurrection.”[1] Though all people will be resurrected (1 Corinthians 15:22), not all will be resurrected at the same time. Technically speaking, there are four resurrections.
3 Min Read
July 20, 2018 01:51 PM MDT
Eternal life is the promise that death is not the end, that there is life after death. It’s the promise that both my body and this world can continue after death in the presence of God. And this promise matters. As Paul says, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable” (1 Corinthians 15:19). But the reverse is also true. If for the next life only I have hope in Christ, I am also lost. By itself, even the glory of an eternal life is not enough.
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July 16, 2018 10:15 PM MDT
To say that the law can only be fulfilled by Christ is to say that the law can only be fulfilled by love. Love is the point of the law. “All the law and the prophets” hang on this imperative to love (Matthew 22:40). Without love, the law comes unplugged from Christ. It stops functioning as a type and leaves me hopeless. When, instead of love, the law generates fear, anger, guilt, envy, and frustration, then the law is broken. A loveless law is a broken law. A loveless law is a law incapable of mercy or justice. A loveless law is an occasion for selfishness, pride, and hypocrisy.
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June 30, 2018 12:00 PM MDT
The Book of Mormon is a key. The Bible is a door. It’s not enough for me to shelve them side by side. It’s not enough to read the one and then the other. I need to slot the key, turn the tumblers, and open the door.
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December 16, 2017 01:20 PM MST
What a beautiful testament of our Savior and eternal families.
1 Min Read
October 26, 2017 08:06 AM MDT
As we are bombarded more frequently with devastating hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, shootings, and diseases, many of us can’t help but think, “Boy! We really are living in the last days. Look at all these prophesied signs of the times.” And we wonder: When is Christ coming? What will the Millennium be like?
7 Min Read
October 18, 2017 12:55 PM MDT
Frontman for The Killers, Brandon Flowers, recently wrote a piece for The Guardian during which he explains his relationship and love of food, particularly as the son of the produce man for a local grocery store. During this narrative, Flowers brings up how Mormonism impacts these memories, including talking about Latter-day Saints relationship with Coke, Jell-O, and fasting:
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April 05, 2017 12:48 PM MDT
The students at the BYU Jerusalem Center captured their testimonies of Jesus Christ in a breathtaking way. While one student sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," the others bear their testimonies of this truth, without speaking.
1 Min Read
January 18, 2017 09:48 AM MST
In this excerpt from Precept upon Precept, Robert L. Millet explores the experience of the prophet Joseph Smith along with his scribe Sidney Rigdon as they received one of the most remarkable revelations from God—the vision of the degrees of glory.
18 Min Read
By  LDS Living
September 14, 2016 01:11 PM MDT
At the age of 14, Christine woke up to a mysterious, chronic pain in her shoulder. In this two minute story, she shares how this experience changed her perspective on the Savior and the Resurrection.
1 Min Read
April 27, 2016 03:00 PM MDT
Earlier this month, my wife and I took our oldest child to the temple for the first time. She had just turned 12 years old. It was a sacred and joyous occasion, one we had looked forward to for many years with great anticipation. Our experience at the temple with our daughter exceeded even our highest expectations and was a highlight of our 12 years of parenting. There are few things I hope for more as a father than that my children will cherish the temple and always remain worthy to enter and learn within its sacred walls.
1 Min Read
March 28, 2016 02:59 PM MDT
Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection and eternal life offered to us by the Savior, but it can still be an especially sensitive time for those who’ve lost a loved one recently. TOFW presenterAlissa Parker, mom of Sandy Hook victim Emilie Parker, shares her story of the first Easter without Emilie and how twirling dresses, beautiful music, and a timely reminder of hope in the Savior replaced her deep sorrow.
1 Min Read
March 19, 2016 06:14 PM MDT
I feel, and the Spirit seems to accord, that the most important doctrine I can declare, and the most powerful testimony I can bear, is of the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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March 19, 2016 01:00 PM MDT
As part of their Easter campaign #Hallelujah, the Church has created a beautiful, interactive gallery detailing the last week of the Savior's life on earth.
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January 07, 2016 06:40 PM MST
What a beautiful painting. We know that God loves all His children from around the world.
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By  LDS Living
March 23, 2015 09:02 AM MDT
The Atonement and Resurrection are the two most significant events to take place on Earth. Focusing on the Savior’s mortal ministry helps us keep the spirit of Easter alive during the spring season. These new illustrations by J. Kirk Richards capture the beauty of Christ’s life and remind us what our Easter celebrations should be centered on.
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November 29, 2014 01:31 PM MST
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April 18, 2014 03:13 PM MDT
During the four years I lived in Wisconsin, I had a lot of trouble staying awake past 7 pm. I was moody and had very little energy from December through March. I was overjoyed when spring came in April. (March is merely “mud month” in Wisconsin.) April brought longer days, milder temperatures and an awakening earth that cheered my spirits.
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April 15, 2014 05:20 PM MDT
With fresh tears filling her eyes and dangling from her long lashes, Naomi Avery looked at me and summarized the theme of our nearly three-hour-long interview.
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By  LDS Living
April 04, 2013 07:00 PM MDT
A testimony of the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a source of both hope and determination. And it can be so for any child of God. It was for me on a summer day in June 1969 when my mother died, it has been all the years since, and it will be until I see her again.
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April 13, 2012 04:01 AM MDT
April First Presidency Message for home teaching:
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March 05, 2012 01:36 PM MST
Five years removed from his controversial "Jesus Tomb" documentary, UNC Charlotte archaeologist James Tabor announced Tuesday that he has helped uncover perhaps the earliest Christian image ever found. The discovery, in Jerusalem, took place in 2010, Tabor told The Charlotte Observer.
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