Kirtland Stake Presidency Member Offers Invocation at the Republican National Convention

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Nathan Johnson, the second counselor in the Kirtland Ohio Stake Presidency, gave the invocation for the Rep...


2 LDS Boys Hospitalized After Tree Falls on Tent, Family Says Prayer & Angels Helped Them

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The Surprising Truth About Praying Out Loud

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My Prayer for My 2 Future Sons-in-Law

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The Counsel President Lee Gave Elder Ballard the Day He Was Married

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LDS Man Rescued After Harrowing Night Lost Alone at Sea

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Can you think of anything more frightening than being lost at sea with only a kayak and your thoughts to ke...


Gorgeous "Prayer of the Children" Raises Awareness for Children Trapped in Human Trafficking

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Two million children currently are experiencing the horrors of human trafficking around the world. The foot...


Incredible Video: When God Answers Our Prayers in the Way We Need, Not Want

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7 Powerful Poems President Monson Shared in General Conference

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What Elder Ballard Did After His Friend Asked Him to "Tell God to Let Me Die"

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Recently, Elder M. Russell Ballard shared on Facebook a deeply moving, yet surprisingly humorous, story of ...