7 Truths to Teach Your Children About the Temple

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Earlier this month, my wife and I took our oldest child to the temple for the first time. She had just turn...


Touching Video: Mom of Sandy Hook Victim Shares First Easter After Losing Her Little Girl

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Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection and eternal life offered to us by the Savior, but it can sti...


The 3 Gardens of God: Bruce R. McConkie's Beautiful Look at the Plan of Happiness

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I feel, and the Spirit seems to accord, that the most important doctrine I can declare, and the most powerf...


Church Shares the Final Week of the Savior's Life

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As part of their Easter campaign #Hallelujah, the Church has created a beautiful, interactive gallery detai...


Did the Resurrected Christ Visit Russia?

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What a beautiful painting. We know that God loves all His children from around the world. It was in front o...


6 Unique Paintings that Powerfully Portray the Atonement & Resurrection

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The Atonement and Resurrection are the two most significant events to take place on Earth. Focusing on the ...

New Bible Video: Lazarus is Raised from the Dead

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New Bible Video: My Kingdom is Not of This World

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Looking Forward to Resurrection Morning

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During the four years I lived in Wisconsin, I had a lot of trouble staying awake past 7 pm. I was moody and...


Mormon Couple Shares Faith in Resurrection After Devastating Loss

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With fresh tears filling her eyes and dangling from her long lashes, Naomi Avery looked at me and summarize...