The Ultimate LDS Wedding Checklist

by | Apr. 16, 2015

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LDS Wedding Checklist: 2 Months Ahead 

The Real Life Planning Stage

Meet with the bishop- As you prepare for your sealing, you will need to meet with your bishop periodically to receive counsel and make sure you are both staying worthy of a temple marriage. Let your bishop know early on about your upcoming sealing. Ask him when he would like to meet with you and your fiancé. Bishops have different timelines that they may want engaged couples to follow when meeting with them. 

Select groom's ring and order engraving- Take into consideration what the groom’s personal taste is. His ring to him is just as big a deal as the bride’s ring is to her. What sort of metal (or even wood!) would work best for his day-to-day activities? Discuss whether he’d like to pick it out himself or have it come as a surprise. 

Plan honeymoon and make arrangements- Book your flights and hotels for your honeymoon. Remember that traveling a long distance the night of your wedding won’t be ideal. Find a lovely place to stay after you’ve been sealed that day, and then travel to your honeymoon destination the next day. If you need to get passports to travel internationally, get those started now!

Make doctor's appointments for complete physicals- Both the bride and the groom should have a physical just to make sure they're healthy.

Make the bride an appointment for a premarital examination- This is a very important visit to learn about contraception options and to make sure that the bride is healthy. It also is a time to check for cancerous signs or other diseases. It’s a great time to ask any questions so that you can lay aside your concerns. If you have questions about anything, your OBGYN is the person to ask.

Find a place to live- Find an apartment or house that works for your current life circumstances. Look for something that is within your budget so that you can start saving while you don’t have children to care for yet. Start looking for furniture or appliances if you don’t already have them.

Register for gifts- Go to local stores in the same general vicinity as your wedding event and register for things you need—not just want.

Top Tip: Remember that you can register for everything from small items such as soap and toilet paper to large items like cookware and coffee tables. This is also a great time to talk about what you want your home to have and how you and your sweetheart want to decorate it. 

Ask people to help at the reception- If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, then don’t be afraid to ask close friends to pitch in. Do you need someone to man the gift table? The wedding video? The music?

Top Tip: If you ask friends and family to help out with something, be sure to ask at least two people to handle one aspect of the reception or dinner, so that they can take turns enjoying the event while still helping out.

Address invitations and announcements- Print out addresses on sticky labels to save you hours of handwriting addresses!

Top Tip: When collecting addresses, send out an email or a Facebook invite that has a link to a Google form attached to it. People can type in their own addresses and Google will sort them into a convenient document for you! It will save you a lot of time and stress!

Have bridals & groomals taken- In past tradition only the bride has had her portrait taken in a destination location. But nowadays, it’s quite common for the bride and groom to get all dolled up in their wedding attire and take photos in picturesque settings. Trust us, time for photography is always rushed on the day of a wedding. Take this opportunity to have a sweet moment with your future spouse in their beautiful wedding attire! 

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