What the Prophet and Apostles Have Said About Fatherhood

Boyd K. Packer


Packer family photo at the time of his call as a General Authority. Photo from LDS.org.

Elder and Sister Packer’s philosophy of family life and child rearing had served them well during the years the children had lived at home. As their children chose companions, the Packers encouraged each couple to establish its own pattern of family life and tradition without interference from them. Meanwhile the Packers’ own lives followed the same consistent pattern as before. Elder Packer presided with patience and kindliness; they counseled together; and Sister Packer was his constant strength and support while pursuing her own work at home and in family history and research.

Son-in-law David Kezerian observes: “I did not appreciate the value of true patriarchal order within a home until I saw it practiced by Dad and Mother Packer. It is straight-line, based upon living the gospel and keeping the commandments. The evidence of its practicality is there as it is lived day by day. As with my own parents, the Packers are an example upon which we are trying to pattern our lives. There is no yielding on principle, yet there is no compulsion. The children and the grandchildren know without reservation that Dad and Mom love them. This creates a natural flow of cooperation that extends beyond their own children to include those of us who have come into the family through marriage.”

Continuing, David says: “Dad Packer has a deep desire to let his children work out their own salvation, yet if we ask for counsel he will drop whatever he is doing to listen and to respond. And his calm manner is most reassuring.”

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