3 Priesthood Ordinances You Didn't Know Were Ordinances

by My Life By Gogogoff | January 28, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a sweet reminder of the counsel and priesthood guidance we should seek at every stage and in every dec...


Old Testament Lesson 30: "Come to the House of the Lord"

by Ted L. Gibbons | July 18, 2014 | FHE Lessons

INTRODUCTION :   In 1980 I walked through Hezekiah’s tunnel.  It was an astonishing stroll.  ...


Which 27 Temples Are Showing New Temple Film?

by LDS NET | July 16, 2014 | News from Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released a new film for temple instruction. This announ...


Young Men Lesson 48: The Power to Baptize

by LDS Living Staff | November 28, 2012 | Young Men

Discussion Questions • Why is it important that a baptism be performed by someone with authority? Why is it...

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October 2012 Visiting Teaching Message: Honoring Our Covenants

by LDS Living Staff | October 5, 2012 | Visiting Teaching

September Visiting Teaching Message: Visiting teaching is an expression of our discipleship and a way to ho...


Young Men Lesson 22: Covenants Guide Our Actions

by LDS Living Staff | May 23, 2012 | Young Men

Discussion Questions • In what ways does making and keeping covenants make you different from other young m...


FHE: Children of the Covenant

by Shauna Gibby | May 18, 2012 | FHE

Conference Talk: For more information on this topic read “Covenants,” by Elder Russell M. Nelson, Ensign , ...