Church Asking for Public's Help to Locate Sister Missionary

by LDS Living | May 31, 2016 | From the Church Mormon Life

The Church is asking for the public's help to locate a sister missionary who went missing on Monday, May 30...


Watch Missionaries Rescue a Kitten from a Storm Drain

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Elders Benjamin Allen and Darren Lacusta were out tracting on their bikes in Houston, Texas, when they...


Last Missionary in Brussels Bombing Returns Home

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After nine grueling weeks of surgery and recovery following the Brussels terrorist attacks that injured fou...


9 Epic Mormon Missionary GIFs

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Missionary life—most of the time you go through the same routine, maybe a new contact here or there. But, o...


Elder Andersen Praises Young Saints Who Are Unable to Serve Missions

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While visiting missionaries on his tour of the South Pacific, Elder Andersen met men and women from over 25...


Church Asks Some Sister Missionaries to Wear Slacks Due to Health Risks

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Just after the Church updated their  dress and grooming guidelines  for missionaries, allowi...


Watch Over 200 Missionaries Performing an LDS Haka

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Just before the New Year, over 200 missionaries in New Zealand performed a special haka that was featured o...


Missionary Chalk Art & Graffiti That You Won't Believe

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Recently, Moroni Channel posted an absolutely stunning picture on Facebook of a man sharing his talents and...


13 People You Might Confuse Missionaries with Now That They Can Wear Sunglasses

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Well-dressed young men and women who learn foreign languages and travel the world—it sounds like something ...


Church Changes Missionary Dress & Grooming Guidelines

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The Church recently updated their dress and grooming guidelines for missionaries, allowing missionaries to ...