How LDS Singles Feel on Valentine's Day: A Story in Memes

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Expert Q and A: How Singles Can Embrace Both Chastity and Sexuality

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My 3-Word Formula to Choose Your Love—And Love Your Choice

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11 Laughably Accurate Moments from The Singles Ward

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In 2002, HaleStorm entertainment released a film that would become such a part of LDS culture that it would...


Elder Oaks Answers: Can I Be Happy If I’m Ugly?

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An anonymous letter with only a post office box address was delivered to Elder Oaks. The letter expressed a...


28 Simple Life Lessons You May Have Forgotten

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LDS Young Adults Use New Year's for Charity

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Dating Coaches Address LDS Singles' Concerns

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What (and What Not) to Say to the Recently Divorced

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Guide to the LDS Singles Scenes Outside Utah

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Whether you live(d) there, went to school there or have only visited — you’re undoubtedly familiar with the...