Forgotten, Hilarious Church Ball Anthem from Alex Boyé and "The Hoodie Boyscouts"

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BYU Basketball Star Returns Home from Mission to Italy

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BYU Cougarettes Are National Champions. Check Out Their Winning Performances

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It's official. As of last week, the BYU Cougarettes are the national collegiate dance champions once again....


The Guardian: How the Mormon Boys of Brigham Young Took on the Semi-Pros

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How Sports Led 4 Apostles to Their Wives

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Mormon 2015 US Marathon Champion Could Be Heading for Olympics

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TV Sports Host Making Headlines for Refusing to Work on Sundays

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Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl? New Survey Reveals

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Top 12 Mormon NFL Players of All Time

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The "Holy War" Resumes: Utes to Play BYU for Mendenhall's Last Game

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For Mendenhall's last game with BYU, he will get to play the school's biggest rivals: the University of Uta...